1 启动时:常按住启动按钮,此时松开手所有输出即刻停止。自动进入原设置参数状态。
2 遥控器启动:按住遥控器任意键,对准主机位置。0.5秒后。松开手,即进入启动,想停止,重复此动作。
3  球头处启动按钮和2操作一样。
4  各牙位拍摄时间和原机相同。参照原机说明书。

1 工作设置时间为0.5-9.9秒。自检时间为1.2秒,不做显示 。只有滴滴声,拍摄设置时间和原程序相同。
2 调快时间设置速度,使用更便捷。
3 增加的自检功能,在过流,过热,过压,快速启动保 护 程序。避免烧毁球管
4 增加脉宽自动调节,射线密度和高压比例达到最做到最小的软射线输出。
5 在对成像不起作用的射线输出时间(高压下降陡沿),接入负高压快速停止垃圾射线输出,更人性化的体现了对病人和医生的呵护。
6 该程序对脉宽做了自动调节,使成像更清晰,因为有 脉宽调节和负高压销陡沿技术。更适合接入传感器。

Instruction of program graded up

Start:Press"Start", if you release your hand, all input will be stopped, system will entry into orginal status
Remote start: Press and hold any key of the remote control, align the host location. 0.5 seconds. Loosen the hand, enter the start and want to stop, repeat this action
Teeth shooting time and the same as the original machine,please refer to instruction bool
Softward update:1 Set up work time is 0.5-9.9 second, self-inspection is 1.2 sec,Only drops sound, the same shot set the time and the original program.
Tune quick time to set the speed, the use of more convenient
Increase in self-test function, overcurrent, overtemperature, overvoltage, quick start saver. Tube to avoid burned
Increase the pulse width is automatically adjusted, the ray density and high pressure ratio to achieve the most to achieve the smallest soft-ray output.
Ray imaging does not work output time (high pressure decreased the sharp edge), access to negative high voltage fast stop garbage ray output reflects more humane care for patients and doctors.
The program automatically adjust the pulse width, to make the image clearer, because the pulse width modulation and negative high voltage pin steep edge technology. More suitable access to the sensor.